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Know the man who started it all

“I love being able to care for people outside of the confines of a hospital. I love helping people in their home environment. I believe it supports vitality and allows our patients to live with dignity and comfort.”

– Joseph Acquah

Joseph Acquah has a 10-year experience of being a Registered Nurse (RN). He received his certification as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) at VMT in Washington, DC, in 1998. Five years after working in long-term care and home care facilities, he went to Hocking Technical College to get an associate degree as an RN in 2005. He is truly committed to caring for others. His specialization in health care began in 2003, and he has not stopped being passionate about providing excellent care since then.

He is certified by the Ohio State Nursing Board and is also a proud member of the Ohio State Nurses Association.