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Addressing a Senior’s Fear of Discomfort


Is your senior loved one feeling anxious about using the bathroom?

Before anything else, it is important our senior loved ones feel that we recognize their emotions. And yes, the fear of using something is real. While the anxiety can differ at an individual level or vary over time, recognizing anxiety starts the process of addressing it. It can be more distressing to the elder to have their fears brushed off.

If your senior loved one suddenly has some hesitations in using the bathroom or has a visibly upsetting experience using the space, one should step back and understand what is causing the situation. Did they have an earlier accident or a slip that made them traumatized? Unfortunate events can influence our future actions. Whether the accident was known or they kept it hidden, the family can do something to address their fear.

Let them feel that they have your back. Offer assistance whenever they need to use the bathroom. Ask them about any improvements they would want to happen in the space. Install bathroom aids and safety features to improve their safety and comfort.

Our years of providing care services have provided us opportunities to work with the mobility-challenged. We understand the importance of giving them supportive options.

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