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Here Are Ways to Help Seniors Get Better Sleep at Night

Here Are Ways to Help Seniors Get Better Sleep at Night

For seniors, they lose the ability to sleep deeply because they no longer produce the growth hormones responsible for such. As sensitive sleepers, they experience sleeping problems or interruptions more frequently. Enough sleep is essential for seniors’ overall wellbeing. Perfect Hands Healthcare Group, LLC makes sure to help seniors get a good night’s sleep, so they wake up feeling good the next day as well. With that, here are some ways that our Home Health Care in Columbus, Ohio,  uses to help improve seniors’ sleep at night:

  • Regulating seniors’ sleep and nap.

    Having seniors sleep and wake up at the same time every night and day allow their bodies to get used to their sleeping time and help ensure they get enough hours of sleep. Napping should also be done early in the afternoon for 20 to 30 minutes only so seniors won’t have problems sleeping at night.

  • Ensuring seniors are comfortable when sleeping.

    Seniors’ bedroom must be cool, quiet, and dark to stimulate a good sleep and prevent distractions. Offering healthcare services in Ohio, we also ensure that seniors do not eat a heavy meal three hours before going to bed to prevent discomfort when drowsing off.

  • Practicing a healthy lifestyle.

    With regular exercise and a healthy diet, seniors can maintain good overall wellbeing that can help improve their sleep as well. Their healthy lifestyle should also include activities to manage their stress as failing to relieve it can lead to sleeping problems as well. 

Contact us now to help care for your senior loved ones at home as we also have skilled nursing services, among others. 

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