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7 Responses to Stories from Clients

  1. Jack P., Dublin Ohio

    “Thank you for your outstanding care of my father. My entire family is grateful for the high level of care you provide. Susan is an amazing nurse. Her presence always brings a smile to my father’s face. Thanks Perfect Hands.”

  2. Brian J., Linden, Ohio

    “I was one of the first clients to utilize the services of Perfect Hands Healthcare Group. Prior to meeting with Joseph, I was reluctant because I knew Perfect Hands was a new home care business. My hesitation was soon over after meeting with him to make an initial assessment of my needs. He was very professional and utilized excellent communication skills. Joseph has a gifted ability to listen to the client’s needs and is quick to respond to questions. While utilizing Perfect Hands Health Care Group services I found Joseph and the staff he provided to be caring, reliable, and have a very positive attitude. Deciding to utilize home health care services for your loved one is a difficult decision, but Joseph put my mind at ease. I feel that Joseph is an outstanding professional to work with and would recommend his services to anyone.”

  3. Lucy J.

    “Thank you for your compassionate care. It is a great relief knowing that my mother is in such good hands. Joseph is the world’s best nurse. He always goes above and beyond. Thanks Perfect Hands Healthcare Group, LLC!”

  4. Mariah C., Marysville Ohio

    “Joseph was incredibly responsive to the stress that my family was experiencing. He listened to our needs and managed to bring us much-needed comfort. Thanks!”

  5. Mark M.

    “Andre not only relieved my pain; it hasn’t returned in the six months since my first Perfect Hands massage. This has brought me much joy, as it is the first time in twenty years that I can say that I’m pain free!”

  6. Cynthia E., Grove City, Ohio

    “Thanks Perfect Hands. You made me feel comfortable right away. Using your services was the best decision I ever made!”

  7. Earl J., Columbus Ohio

    “Since using your services, my uncle’s healing has improved greatly! Thank you so much!”

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