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How Caregivers Can Deal with Bed Sores

How Caregivers Can Deal with Bed Sores

Bedsores seem like minor annoyances when caring for seniors. But if left untreated, these can become debilitating and even deadly. Unfortunately, bedsores can develop even with premium healthcare services in Ohio. It is quite common among bedridden patients or people with limited mobility.

We know it’s frustrating. That’s why Perfect Hands Healthcare Group, LLC is here to share a few tips in dealing with bedsores. Take a look:

If your senior is suffering from bedsores, check the condition of the wounds. If the wound is not infected, you can easily treat it with daily dressing changes. Make sure to also keep the weight off the wounded area by occasionally adjusting your senior’s position.

If the wound is infected, give your senior’s doctor a call. Skilled nursing services can also help in preventing further infections and medical complications.

As a caregiver, you need to make sure to fully assess the backside and buttocks of a bed-bound patient every day. If you spot any redness or irritation, inform your senior’s doctor right away.

It is also best to limit baths to no more than three times per week and to moisturize your senior’s skin daily. Dry skin easily breaks and gets irritated, leading to a lot of other skin issues. So, make sure to use mild, unscented soaps and moisturizers.

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