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How to Make Bath-Times Less Awkward

How to Make Bath-Times Less Awkward

Personal care can be awkward at times, especially when it comes to bathing. This is true, no matter how close you are to your senior. It’s even harder on families because they get to see their loved one’s abilities decline before their eyes.

But there are ways to make it less awkward, and our Home Health Care in Columbus, Ohio is here to share these with you.

  • Friendly distractions
    One of the best ways to get through bath times with lesser embarrassment is to distract the patient with a normal conversation. Don’t forget to make eye contact.
  • Make it fun
    Turn a regular bath into a fun little bubble bath. You can also use spa-like soaps, and play some relaxing music in the background to really get in the mood.
  • Ask for help
    It’s alright to ask for an extra pair of hands to help out, especially if your senior has specific care needs. Healthcare services in Ohio can make things easier for both you and your senior.
  • Letting go of the reigns
    If your senior can still perform some bathing activities on their own, let them handle those parts of the task. This helps your senior feel more “in control” of the situation and less embarrassed.

Relax, you don’t need to bathe your senior every day. In fact, professionals encourage limiting bath time to only three times per week.

If you’re interested in getting skilled nursing services for your loved one, just give us here at Perfect Hands Healthcare Group, LLC a call. We’re always happy to help. Just dial 614-436-6500 to get in touch.

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