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Proper Medication Adherence: What Makes It Difficult?


Proper compliance with medication instructions is important to achieve the best results for your treatment. According to statistics, over 50% of patients struggle to properly adhere to their medications. This is extremely harmful, especially for older adults who tend to suffer from more sensitive conditions.

We are concerned about the health of seniors. That is why, we here at Perfect Hands Healthcare Group, LLC. would like to enumerate the different reasons patients struggle with adherence and the different ways to solve these issues.

  • Complicated Medication Plans
    Sometimes doctors may prescribe a complicated medication plan, which might be too confusing, tedious, or unfamiliar to a patient. When patients miss out on a lot of details regarding their medication plans, they may fail to properly follow the instructions. To prevent this from happening, it would be beneficial to create a coordinated health care plan with skilled nursing services. A nurse can help with administering medications so that important details can be meticulously followed. This will improve the effectiveness of the treatment
  • Lack of Communication with the Doctor
    Patients may fail to properly follow medication instructions because these are not properly communicated to them. Patients may sometimes not know what their medications are for, how long they are expected to take them, and how they are supposed to take them. When availing of healthcare services in Ohio, be sure to seek the help of care professionals. As they are trained to ensure the health and wellness of patients, they can help you with what questions to ask to make sure that you receive optimal treatment.

Considering the factors above, do you need home health care in Columbus, Ohio? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us and start your journey towards healing today.

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