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Regaining the Skills to Maintain Oneself


Losing the capacity to take care of oneself can be frustrating. For many years we have been doing just fine, but due to a health condition or an injury, we suddenly need the help of another person. This is why we relate to elderly patients eager to regain control. Thus, we deliver what they may need.

As part of our comprehensive Home Health Care in Columbus, Ohio, we have rehabilitative therapies to help people regain the skills they need, starting with those activities to look for themselves.

In our occupational therapy program, experts begin the process by a thorough evaluation of their situation. Then, we design a personalized occupational therapy program. Regaining skills require commitment from the participants. The process can get difficult at any point, but keeping their focus on the objective help them stay motivated.

Basic movement training starts with improving their range of motion and strength resistance. These fundamental movements compose the actions necessary for activities such as combing their hair, dressing, or taking a bath. Safety must be incorporated into the re-learning process to ensure they are ready to do the tasks without putting themselves in unnecessary danger.

At Perfect Hands Healthcare Group, LLC., we take our healthcare services in Ohio to a higher standard.

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