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Tube Feeding for Kids: Notes for Parents

Tube Feeding for Kids: Notes for Parents

Perfect Hands Healthcare Group, LLC remains your trusted choice when you need home health care in Columbus, Ohio. We commit to helping our patients achieve as much comfort as possible while they are recovering or living in different situations.

Providing quality skilled nursing makes sure your loved ones receive exceptional care, especially the most vulnerable members of the family – the children. While it is unfortunate to see such angels undergo uncomfortable or painful conditions, there are different ways to manage their situation. 

Our healthcare services in Ohio covers a wide range of services for patients old and young alike. When a patient cannot consume food in regular forms, tube feeding is administered. This process involves delivering a liquid feed through the nose (nasal tube) or stomach (gastrostomy tube). For children, the liquid feed can be breast milk, infant formula, or specialized liquid texture.

There are several points parents should understand and remember about tube feeding. It is primarily done to help the child achieve their nutritional requirement when they cannot drink or eat sufficiently. Tube feeding is an option if swallowing drinks, foods, and medicines put a child at risk. While tube feeding requires additional care procedures and may involve a range of professionals, the child can still actively participate in normal activities such as playing and socializing.

When tube feeding lasts longer than three months, it is called prolonged tube feeding. The duration of the need for a feeding tube depends on the child’s condition which is based on their medical requirement. With the right care provider, the family and the child can learn to safely manage it at home.

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