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Speech Rehabilitation After Stroke


In the United States, stroke is one of the leading causes of significant adult disability. Stroke disability is terrible for the patient and their families, but therapies are available to assist a patient’s recovery. Aside from physical therapy as the primary form of rehabilitation for most stroke patients, speech therapy is also highly considered by healthcare services in Ohio to help heal the patient.

While the goal of physical therapy is to relearn simple motor functions, including walking, sitting, standing, and lying down, speech therapy, on the other hand, helps with regaining the patient’s means to strengthen their facial muscles, learn how to speak again, as well as swallow and chew.

Speech therapy assists stroke patients in relearning language and speaking abilities, as well as learning new ways of communication. Speech therapy, as a form of skilled nursing, is helpful for people who have no cognition or thinking issues but have difficulty interpreting speech or written words or who have difficulty generating speech. A stroke survivor should be able to restore some, if not all, of their language and speaking abilities with time and patience.

At Perfect Hands Healthcare Group, LLC., our home health care in Columbus, Ohio, we directly work with each client to provide a comprehensive care plan to help them attain a speedy recovery without compromising their comfort and safety. Our reliable speech therapists can deal with whatever speech difficulty clients may be facing.

Allow us to help your loved one heal from the damaging effects of a stroke. We are here to lend a hand from physical and occupational therapy to speech therapy.

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