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Things to Know When Doing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Things to Know When Doing CPR

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR is a life-saving method of medical help given to people who have cardiac arrest or are unconscious. This approach helps pump blood around the person’s body when the heart can’t. Home Health Care in Columbus, Ohio has experts that can provide help in learning the process.

Are you doing the correct form? BHF.Org suggests that you as the first defense in CPR should press up and down the casualty’s chest. You also need to provide a series of rescue breaths to help save patients with cardiac arrest. The healthcare services in Ohio will teach you the basics.

What is cardiac arrest? This is caused by an electrical problem in the heart. This electrical problem causes the heart to stop pumping blood around the body and to the brain as reported by BHF.Org. This makes the person fall unconscious.

CPR should be used if someone is:

  • unconscious and not breathing
  • unconscious and not breathing normally

The elderly who may experience this type of condition may get help from skilled nursing. These types of experts are trained to do basic life support to patients who need it.

Interested in learning this life support skill? Perfect Hands Healthcare Group, LLC is here to help you. Contact our professionals today.

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