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Tips to Help Seniors Stay Warm in Winter

Tips to Help Seniors Stay Warm in Winter

With winter fast approaching, it is important to take proactive steps to keep your senior loved one warm. Changes in the body that come with aging can result in losing body heat faster resulting in hypothermia. Other health risks include kidney problems, heart attacks, and liver damage. In addition to skilled nursing, a home health provider can assist with keeping seniors warm this coming winter.

As a trusted provider of healthcare services in Ohio, we will share effective tips to help keep seniors warm in winter:

  • Keep the home warm.
    During the colder months, heating bills can get expensive. However, this should not deter you from keeping a warm, comfortable temperature indoors. In addition to maintaining a warm temperate, make sure all the doors and windows at home are well-insulated to stay warm and save on heating bills as well.
  • Prepare warm foods.
    Eating healthily is important for seniors especially during winter. Due to pre-existing conditions or aging, many seniors struggle with eating well. During the colder months, it’s ideal to prepare warm foods like soup to boost metabolism and keep the body warmer.
  • Wear multiple layers.
    Wearing more layers can help seniors stay warm during winter. Fabrics like polyester and flannel are great for inner layers as they help wick away moisture. A great jacket or coat along with gloves and socks are essential when stepping outside to ensure comfort.

Perfect Hands Healthcare Group, LLC. is an established provider of home health care in Columbus, Ohio. To ensure your senior’s well-being during winter, we offer several services like transportation services and personal care. Set an appointment with us to arrange care for a loved one.

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